ISET continues its Distinguished Professors Lecture Series in cooperation with Tbilisi State University (TSU). On Monday, June 1st, in this installment of the lecture series, ISET hosted Alexander Shengelaya, professor of TSU and University of Zurich. Prof. Shengelaya delivered a lecture titled “Amazing World of Superconductivity” accompanied with the actual experiment about superconductivity.
Prof. Shengelaya entered the conference room with a huge thermos in his hand that provoked curiosity among the audience. He started his presentation by reflecting on the development and generation of energy consumption over last century and future challenges of this sector.

On Monday, May 11th, Professor of Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Dr. Mette Helene Bjørndal gave a public lecture at ISET conference hall. Prof. Bjørndal held the presentation titled “Insights into the Nordic Energy Market”. The main aspects of the presentation was to review structure, main characteristics of Nordic power market and peculiarities of its integration into other European electricity markets.

Prof. Bjørndal started her presentation by introducing some basic characteristics of power sectors of Scandinavian countries. She covered some issues of the market design, its components, and architecture. Prof. Bjørndal compared integrated and unbundled systems by providing examples and commented on how unbundling was done in Scandinavia.

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