On November 15th, the Deputy Head of the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center, Levan Pavlenishvili, participated in the panel of the “Energy Politics in the South Caucasus: Experiences, Visions, and Challenges” conference. The event was organized by Heinrich Böll Foudnation South Caucasus, and concerned the ongoing situation and current challenges in the energy sector of the South Caucasus. The panelists represented different governmental, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The conference included three panel sessions:

● Energy Sector in South Caucasus Countries: Trends and Challenges

On Monday November 12, the ISET Policy Institute hosted a workshop entitled “Economic Instruments for Water Resource Management”. The Energy and Environment Policy Research Center at the ISET Policy Institute (EEPRC) presented its policy paper on the topic in front of several institutional stakeholders and interested citizens.

Thanks to the support of the Europe Foundation, the EEPRC conducted an extensive review of the literature on economic instruments for water management, all of which is in compliance with the principles highlighted by the EU Water Framework Directive, and a study of their feasibility in the Georgian context. The aim of this project was to support Georgia’s path towards integration in the European Union and the implementation of its obligations under the Association Agreement, as well as to contribute to the sustainable managementof water resources in Georgia.All major economic instruments potentially useful to incentivize the sustainable use of water resources in Georgia were discussed, highlighting the feasibility of alternative policy options.

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