On Friday, February 13, 2015 a debate on a new law on agricultural land ownership was held at Expo Georgia. The debate was organized by USAID’s G4G project and ISET. The debate’s panel comprised government officials, experts, foreign investors and businesses, and the event was moderated by Eric Livny, Director of the International School of Economics. The panel convened to explore issues surrounding foreign ownership of agricultural land in Georgia.

In 2013, the Georgian government imposed a temporary moratorium on the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners.

On Wednesday, April 1st, ISET hosted Dr.  Asger Moll Wingender from the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Wingender presented his paper “Irrigation and Autocracy” co-authored with Jeanet Sinding Bentzen and Nicolai Kaarsen.

The speaker began the presentation by introducing the topic of the paper – how autocracy and irrigation can be related to each other. The link between these two was noted first in 19th century by Adam Smith and Karl Marx and was widely talked over in Karl Wittfogel’s work “Oriental Despotism”.

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