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What Georgia Can Teach the World

A new discussion paper by Jeffrey Frankel,  via Economic Logic:  The large economies have each, in sequence, offered "models" that once seemed attractive to others but that eventually gave way to disillusionment. Small countries may have some answers. They are often better able to experiment with innovative policies and institutions and some of the results are worthy of emulation. This article gives an array of examples. Some of them come from small advanced countries: New Zealand's Inflation Targeting, Estonia's flat tax, Switze...
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Guest — Eric
In my view, Georgia is one large experiment in development reforms. What is a amazing about Georgia is that the government was abl... Read More
Saturday, 19 May 2012 10:10 AM
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Jury Trials: A Step Forward

From Eurasianet: In a historic first for Georgia, 12 men and women recently passed judgment in the country’s first jury trial, a grisly murder case. But the answer to whether or not jury trials will enhance the credibility of the country’s justice system remains to be seen. A promising development, jury trials might help reduce the perception of a lack of judiciary independence in Georgia. A key aspect of well-working jury trials is a sufficiently large jury size. While it is tempting to reduce costs by having smaller juries, there is ample evidence...
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