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Another Friday – another post full of interesting links for our readers!

1.  A good tradition is to start with links from Michael Fuenfzig – today we have two of them. First, a well-known North Korea specialist Andrei Lankov talks on the evolution of the personal income in DPRK.

2.  And second, NY Times reports a new problem in Zimbabwe – no pocket change.

3.  Interesting fact from Mark Perry for those who think that American manufacture is in decline. Impressive, though not very flattering for Russia and Canada.

4.  From him again – what can onion prices teach us about oil speculation? What, indeed?

5.  Economics Blog has a short cost-benefit analysis of Scottish Independence. Paraphrasing recent article in The Economist – does Edinburgh really want to become “New Athens” again – but for completely different reasons?

6.  Alphaville blog on FT has answers to seven questions about global markets.

7.  Cheaptalk has an excellent example of how game theory works in real life. And a great strategy, too. Also be sure to read the discussion of the strategy here.

8.  In the previous post we had Roger Farmer talking about equilibria. Here’s Slackwire’s response.

9.  Joseph Stiglitz’s interesting interview to The European is certainly worth reading.

10.  An interesting, although controversial view on economic models from the biologist. The mad biologist, to be precise.

11.  Noah Smith has a dig at (not) Real (not) Business (not) Cycle models.

12.  And finally, some wisdom from late great George Carlin about the conceit of human kind. It was the “Earth Day” last week, after all.

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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