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It’s Friday – best day of the week and day of best links from around the world of econobloggers!

1.  Let’s keep the tradition and start with two links from Michael Fuenfzig. First – a small post on identity in Georgia.

2.  And second – projects like Lazika seem to gain popularity in the world. And this post argues that it’s not finances, that the developed countries should provide to such projects. (And also have a look at Michael’s last week post on our blog).

3.  Calculated Risk blog has some nice graphs on US population distribution by age. Do we all see the problem by 2035?

4.  Why will and why won’t Eurozone break up – from Economics Help. What do you think?

5.  And from the same blog – something useful for our students.

6.  The Economist’s Free Exchange blog has a nice post on trading myths.

7.  Same blog has a post on migration in Europe, which is worth reading just because a wonderful headline. Mr. Shaw would’ve been proud!

8.  An interesting article from The Atlantic on what the Fed should do and why it isn’t doing it.

9.  Paul Krugman talks (extensively, may I say) on how Ben Bernanke of today is different from Ben Bernanke of a dozen years ago.

10.  And finally, one of my favourite bloggers, Noah Smith, has a very intuitive post. On intuition.

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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