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How to Transform Georgian Agriculture – With Twitter

  Farmers can be much more effective if they have up-to-date information, on prices, practices and weather. With mobile phones and mobile Internet they can get this information when, where and how they need it. The promise of the Internet for agriculture has been a popular idea, and in Georgia, too, policymakers and donors have begun to explore the options. Some pilot projects seek to program specific platforms for farmers, in order to inform and engage them. What many of these attempts may have overlooked is that the best tool is already available...
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Correcting Unemployment Numbers – A Call for Government Action

There are many pressing challenges and issues that command the attention of people interested in politics in Georgia. Some of these issues are emotionally charged, and there is not necessarily a consensus across society. However, there is one issue on which there should be a consensus, and it matters tremendously to the Georgian people. This is the issue of unemployment, and more specifically, unemployment numbers. According to a recent survey that CRRC conducted for NDI, Georgians consider unemployment to be the most pressing issue.    The pr...
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