Although the mining sector of Georgia only accounts for a small share of GDP, around one quarter of Georgia’s total exports are related to mining activities. Increased use of Georgia’s natural resources thus has the potential to benefit the economic development of the country as well as to contribute to public finances.

How can regulation be improved to strengthen the economic gains and public revenues from the mining sector? The current regulation creates unnecessary obstacles to investment in mining. These deter investors from increasing activities in Georgia, leading to less economic growth of Georgia in mining and related industries as well as smaller public revenues from a sector that generally is highly interesting from a perspective of creating tax and other public income.

The Republic of Georgia is rich in hydro resources and its Government intends to use them both to achieve energy independence and to make the country a net energy exporter. This article discusses how combining Wind and Hydropower electricity generation can allow achieving such goals more effectively.

Due to the geomorphological characteristics of its territory and to its geographical location, the Republic of Georgia is rich in hydro resources. According to the Georgian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, so far Georgia has been exploiting only about 20% of its hydro resource potential.

There are several potential drivers of green-energy growth. At ISET-PI we have asses the ones that are most relevant for the Georgian context.

Green policies might stimulate growth in Georgia through various effects, depending on the sector they target. For example, monetizing emission reductions has a high potential for success and could be marketed to other countries as a sustainable solution to automotive emission.

In summary, there is a complex array of factors driving green policies and their implementation. The potential for these policies to be applied across sectors to places that were previously untouched by these contemporary and progressive solutions for the environment.

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