The study assesses a possible impact of USAID-funded agricultural projects in Georgia on U.S. commodity production and U.S. jobs and workers rights. USAID's yearly obligation requires confirmation that USAID-funded activities do not impact U.S. jobs and workers rights and do not result in increased competition of Georgian products with similar commodities produced in the U.S.

Different trade indicators were analyzed during the study and based on our analysis it was found, that USAID assistance will not cause any injury to U.S. producers and exporters. U.S imports are not likely to be substituted by local production as a result of USAID funded projects. USAID assistance does not cause competition between Georgian and American products at external markets and it does not result in the relocation of U.S. jobs or violation of U.S. workers rights.


Main Researchers

Salome Gelashvili

Ia Katsia

Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start date: January 2015

End date: March 2015

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