The main objective of this project was to analyse the predicted potential for Georgia to specialize in the production of various agricultural goods. APRC assisted the German Economic Team within this project with regards to: searching, collecting and summarizing data, reviewing existing literature to study the potential of agricultural goods which have a relative comparative advantage compare to other.

The empirical paper by GET Georgia predicted the potential for Georgia to develop its specialization in 14 agricultural goods. Our analysis showed relative comparative advantage of several goods and we grouped them into following three categories: Fruit and Vegetable; Tobacco, Dairy Product, Fish and Sea Food. There are large investment needs, but also many potential benefits from higher value-added, processed products.


Main Researchers

Ia Katsia

Donors and Partners

German Economic Team (GET) Georgia

Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start Date: June 2015

End Date: September 2015

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