According to the AGRIndex, in March 2017, agriculture product prices stayed practically unchanged — month-to-month, the AGRIndex was just +0.63% (see Graph#1). On the sub-index level, VEGETABLE prices displayed a seasonal pattern and declined m/m by -2.77% after seven months of increases. The same happened with DAIRY products, the prices of which dropped by -3.32% in m/m terms. On the other hand, FRUIT prices increased m/m by +4.23%, while growing MEAT exports drove prices up m/m by +2.64% in March 2017.

The ISET Policy Institute, under the European Union-funded ENPARD project“ Cooperation for Rural Prosperity in Georgia" implemented by CARE, has collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Georgia (FAO Georgia) on the establishment of a mechanism for providing real time market price data for agricultural products. The regional representatives of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia collect price data for more than 100 primary agriculture products across up to 60 Georgian municipalities on a weekly basis and to mark the second anniversary of the data collection process, we present you with the very first publication of the AGRIndex.

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