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The APRC has been established at the ISET Policy Institute in July 2014 with a 3-year grant from USAID. The Center’s model is based on the synergy between policy research, professional training, and teaching activities, capitalizing on the institutional strengths of ISET and ISET-PI.

The goal of the center is to be a leading player in agricultural policy research in the region, promoting evidence-based policymaking in the agricultural sector. 

Policy research and training. APRC conducts and communicates policy research focusing on issues of investment and productivity, trade in agricultural goods, value chain analysis, commercialization of smallholder agriculture and farmer cooperation. It also delivers on-demand research, training, and policy consulting services, thus contributing to ISET-PI's impact and sustainability.

Teaching. The APRC functions in conjunction with the Agricultural Economics Concentration in the ISET MA program. The purpose of the concentration is to educate the next generation of policy leaders in Georgia who understand the complexities, challenges and tradeoffs behind policy decisions in the agricultural sector.

Staffing. USAID grant is funding three research assistants and one senior agricultural economics faculty (Pati Mamardashvili, PhD ETH Zurich). One of the three research assistants acts as a communications manager in charge of designing and implementing a media and outreach strategy for the center and other branches of PI.

Prof. Mamardashvili leads the Center’s policy research and training activities while at the same time teaching MA-level courses in ISET's Agricultural Economics concentration.

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