Should Georgia worry about the dependence on Russian energy?
16 March 2022

During such challenging times, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalates daily and threatens the lives of thousands, as well as the wellbeing of everyone around the world, having experienced the horror of war, we Georgians especially feel the pain of the Ukrainians.

February 2022 | Higher food and fuel prices on the global market drive inflation and dampen growth forecasts for Georgia
14 February 2022

Geostat has published its rapid estimate of real GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2021, and their estimated growth stands at 9.5%, which is 1.4 percentage points below the ISET-PI’s most recent forecast. The annual real GDP growth in 2021 amounted to 10.6%, which is 0.2 percentage points lower than our recent prediction.

Quarter 1-2, 2021 | Energy Market Review
24 January 2022

In the first and the second quarters of 2021, Georgian power plants generated 2,429 mln. and 2,708 mln. kWh of electricity, respectively (Figure 1). This represents a 16.0% and 3.2% decrease in total generation compared to the corresponding periods of the previous year (in 2020, the total generation in Q1 was 2,893 mln. kWh and in Q2 it was 2,797 mln. kWh).

Energy Imports, Domestic Production, and Energy Security: Dynamics, Challenges, and the Importance of Developing Renewable Energy Sources in Georgia
22 November 2021

The International Energy Agency provides a definition of energy security across two dimensions. In a broad sense, energy security is defined as the “uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price,” while short-term energy security denotes that an energy system has the capability to promptly balance any disruption in the supply-demand equilibrium.

Quarter 3-4, 2020 | Energy Market Review
22 June 2021

In the third and the fourth quarters of 2020, Georgian power plants generated 2,958 mln. and 2,594 mln. kWh of electricity, respectively. This represents a 9.6% decrease and 2.4% increase in total generation compared to the corresponding periods of the previous year.