Real estate sale market shows signs of recovery amid Lari depreciation - December 2015
23 September 2015

The average residential rental price first fell to 7.46 USD per m2 (a historical minimum since the start of the study) in October 2015, and after a slight peak in the following month reached 7.66 USD per m2 by the end of the year.

September 21, 2015 Kh-Index | Foreign currency earners benefit from lari depreciation
21 September 2015

In August 2015, the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian Khachapuri was 3.49 GEL, which is 11.4 % higher month-on-month (m/m, that is compared to the previous month), and 7% higher year-on-year (y/y, that is compared to the same month of last year).

September 2015 GDP Forecast | Third quarter growth outlook stable. Deposit dollarization gains momentum in Georgia
17 September 2015

The growth forecast for the third quarter of 2015 has not changed since last month and remains at 2.6%. The first forecast for the fourth quarter growth of 2015 has been targeted at 3.8%.

Georgia’s Currency is Much More Than the GEL/USD Exchange Rate
14 September 2015

It is easy to understand what it means for an economy to be weak or strong. We know that a strong economy is characterized by low unemployment and high growth rates. Other desirable traits are, for example, low levels of poverty and income inequality, when all citizens enjoy reasonable standards of living.

Lari depreciation is taking its toll on real estate prices - September 2015
11 September 2015

The lari depreciation caused a significant decrease in sale and rental prices in dollar terms. Rental prices slightly increased in August and September before the start of the new academic year. The commercial market turned out to be more resistent to the effects of currency depreciation.