Blockchains for Agriculture: The Future is Unwritten
07 April 2018

Blockchain technology became a huge story last year due to the hype over cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium. Banks and other financial institutions are rushing to adopt blockchain technology. Nowadays, about 15% of financial institutions use blockchain technology to secure and validate transactions. IBM was one of the first companies that saw the potential of blockchain use and encouraged startups related to the concept.

ISET-NHH Cooperation Continues
23 March 2018

ISET was honored to host a third delegation representing the long-time partner, the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. A four-day program included anti-corruption seminars, public discussions, and site visits to relevant public institutions and businesses.

A Financial Team-Up on Tackling Climate Change
18 January 2018

Why go small when you can go big in committing your multilateral development institute to concur with climate change? This is the exact intent of nine presidents of major financial institutions, amongst them the African Development Bank, the World Bank Group, the New Development Bank, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

One Notch More Attractive to Investors with Deep Pockets
09 October 2017

Just recently, a rare occurrence made the headlines in Georgia: Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the government of Georgia’s local and foreign currency issuer ratings first time in seven years, to Ba2 from Ba3, with commentary that the outlook remains stable. This news was met with great excitement, but was soon overshadowed by the unfortunate news of Georgia’s downgrade on the Global Competitiveness Indicators, without fully appreciating or understanding the significance of the Moody's upgrade.

ISET acquaints cooperative members with Market Price Information System
20 July 2017

Georgia’s flagging agricultural sector is receiving assistance from a number of international governments, organizations, and institutions, and ISET is right at the heart of efforts to revitalize this essential part of the national economy.