The Shortest Road to Strawberry Field Isn’t Always the Sweetest, or Quickest
24 October 2016

Nino Kvirkvelia and her husband Irakli Todua are not exactly your typical Georgian smallholders. Both spouses are well-educated (both hold economics and business degrees from reputable Georgian institutions). More importantly in the context of Georgian agriculture, the couple owns 28(!) hectares of arable land in Georgia’s horticultural heaven, Samegrelo, best known for its hazelnuts.

Back to the Future: Will an Old Farming Practice Provide a Market Niche for Georgian Farmers?
22 October 2016

Back in ancient times, the moon was the center of everybody’s attention. People worshipped the moon and believed that it had mystical powers. Since then, the lunar effect on human mood and behavior has been an issue for psychological and astrological research. Surprisingly, many economic papers are also concerned about the influence of the lunar phases on stock returns.

ISET Hosts a Second Workshop to Track the Impact of EU Efforts to Support Agricultural Cooperatives in Georgia
07 October 2016

Facilitating cooperation among Georgia’s smallholders is one of the main focuses of the ENPARD project, of which ISET is a (small) part. ENPARD has been active in Georgia since 2013, and its work has been extensive and its efforts invaluable. An evaluation effort coordinated by the ISET Policy Institute has uncovered some interesting facts and figures from the comparative analysis between 2014 and 2015.

ENPARD Georgia, Moldova and Armenia Exchange Experience
29 September 2016

On 26-28 September 2016, an ENPARD study tour, involving ENPARD Georgia, ENPARD Moldova, and ENPARD Armenia, was organized by the EU Delegation to Armenia and the FAO Office in Yerevan. The European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) was launched in Georgia in 2013, in Armenia in 2014, and recently started operations in Moldova.

Going Green: EU Agricultural Development Program Sparks Further Success Stories
16 September 2016

Despite being a predominantly rural country, Georgia suffers from extensive issues related to agricultural development. To this end, ENPARD, a European Union rural development program, has assisted with the establishment of a number of cooperatives throughout the country. The success stories of two of these prompted a recent visit by members of the Agricultural Policy Research Centre.