IMF Senior Economist Presents the Case of Turkey: From Crisis to Recovery
04 February 2013

On January 24, 2013, Robert Tchaidze, Senior Economist with the European Department of the IMF, delivered a presentation titled “Turkey: From Crisis to Recovery, 1999-2005.” The presentation covered the causes of the 2001 crisis, the anti-crisis programs undertaken by the Turkish government in cooperation with the IMF, and the country’s subsequent recovery.

Do Financial Crises Hurt Economic Recoveries?
03 October 2012

The question of the title seems to be a rhetorical one. With the 2008 global financial crisis fresh in our minds, the logic of the vicious cycle between the economic slowdown, troubles in the banking sector, credit crunch, and the subsequent industrial decline reinforcing the credit conundrums seems quite apparent.

Where is the age of discovery?
30 August 2012

The scars of the 2008 global financial crisis and the festering wounds of the ongoing European debt crisis seem to have obscured one simple textbook truth.

Growth Diagnostics for Georgia
31 May 2012

Georgia’s growth performance since independence has gone through extremes, from an unprecedented -44.9 percent in 1992 to 12.3 percent in 2007. Although growth rates temporarily fell in the aftermath of the Russian-Georgian war and the world financial crisis they have since then recovered to 7 percent in 2011

Sex Ratio at Birth: is the South Caucasus Heading the Way of China?
22 April 2012

This year, approximately 113 baby boys are born in China for every 100 baby girls; 112 boys per 100 girls in India, 111 in Vietnam. The looming social crisis stemming from the significant gender imbalance in the countries of East and Southeast Asia has been in the media spotlight for a long time.