A New Competition Law for Georgia: Much Ado About Nothing?
31 May 2013

The mountain of promises to modify Georgia’s liberal labor code has recently produced a little mouse in the shape of a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Giorgi Margvelashvili who, according to, “branded the new labor code project a “dream of Rosa Luxemburg”.

Georgia's Education System Reforms: Corruption is Gone but Where is the Quality?
13 May 2013

A country without oil needs smart people! This clearly applies to Georgia. Not endowed with substantial amounts of natural resources, Georgia totally depends on its human resources. Yet how good is the intellectual equipment of the Georgians that is so urgently required for driving the economic development of this country?

Georgian Banks: Friends or Foes?
07 May 2013

Once considered the most dynamic sector of the Georgian economy, the banks have recently become a target for fierce criticism by Georgian policymakers and the media.

Jobless Growth in Georgia
23 April 2013

There is no arguing that during the ten years since the Rose Revolution, the Georgian economy registered an impressive growth performance, averaging 6.6% per annum.

National Competitiveness Report
29 March 2013

In the globalized world of today, increasing national competitiveness has become an important policy target for any country. While engaging in mutually beneficial trade, technological and cultural exchanges, countries find themselves in a race for scarce mobile resources such as financial capital and talent.