Policy research

Value Chain Analysis of the Georgian Sheep Sector
Status: End date
Project Milestones: Start date: 17.03.2014 End date: 31.07.2014

The study analyzed the sheep and sheep products value chains in Georgia, identified main constraints in the chains and gave recommendations for their further development. In March 2014, Heifer Georgia launched its “Comprehensive study on the Georgian sheep value chain” project. Heifer Project International, the umbrella organization of Heifer Georgia, intends to support the development of the Georgian sheep sector for the next decade, starting with sheep wool processing. 

In order to ensure a sound basis for implementing further projects, this study analyzed the current situation and future challenges in the Georgian sheep value chain. Based on literature review and expert interviews, this study mapped current sheep and sheep product value chains (focusing on wool), analyzed different sheep production systems and their costs, calculated value-added for each actor of the chains, investigated existing marketing/exporting channels, and provided recommendations for overcoming the main problems in the Georgian sheep sector.