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ISET is proud to announce that it has officially been accepted as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce of Georgia (ICC). In addition to ISET’s membership, Eric Livny, ISET’s Director, has been invited by the ICC Executive Board to establish and chair a new committee on economic policy at ICC. Commenting on the invitation, Mr. Livny said that he was “delighted to work with ICC and to promote economic policy that is business friendly on the one hand and ensures greater inclusivity on the other.”

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Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and its Six Sisters Gather for an Annual Retreat in Sweden’s Ancient Capital

While the only institution of its kind in the South Caucasus, the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) is not alone when it comes to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet space. In fact, ISET is one of the latest arrivals (established in 2006) into a very small family of teaching and research institutions that propagate and practice modern economics. Some of the other institutions belonging to this family are (from oldest to youngest): The Moscow-based New Economic School ( and Center for Economic and Financial Research (

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Pennsylvania State University and Georgetown University Accept Two ISET Graduates into PhD Programs

Each year, top ISET students receive promising offers to continue their education at some of the best universities in the world. Ala Avoyan, valedictorian of the ISET 2012 class, is currently completing the first year of PhD studies at New York University (NYU). Two of her classmates, Givi Melkadze and Giorgi Mekerishvili, are planning to join her next year having just received fully-funded offers from the economics departments of Georgetown University and Pennsylvania State University, respectively. Although Givi and Giorgi are both still waiting for the decisions of other top-ranked western PhD programs, these offers serve as excellent starting points for their success.

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Our Best New Year Wishes to the Entire ISET Community!

We were not off to a good start in 2012. On 20 January, we lost our dear Mzia Mikeladze. Her sudden passing away has shaken the entire ISET community but life had to continue… We created a memorial fund and a special scholarship to encourage young ISET students to remember Mzia and to follow in her footsteps. We worked hard the whole year to make ISET an even better place: for work a nd study but also for fun with colleagues and friends. We finally managed to make ISET a truly regional enterprise by bringing to Tbilisi a lot of talented youth from Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are currently almost a half of the first year class.