pati mamardashviliPhatima Mamardashvili, Dr. Sc., ETH Zurich is an assistant professor at ISET and also serves as the Head of the Agricultural Policy Research Center (APRC) at the ISET Policy Institute (ISET PI). Her research and teaching interests include Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, and Econometrics. Phatima received her Dr.Sc. degree from ETH Zurich for the dissertation entitled Measuring economic and environmental performance of Swiss dairy farms using stochastic frontier analysis; (2013). She earned her Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from the Georgian State Agricultural University (2005) and her M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Sciences with a major in Food and Resource Economics from ETH Zurich (2009). She also received the Advanced Studies Diploma in Applied Statistics from the Department of Mathematics of ETH Zurich (2013). Before joining ISET in July 2014, Phatima was a postdoctoral researcher at the Agricultural Economics Group at ETH Zurich. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, she also worked at the Swiss Center for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.


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Peer reviewed
Mamardashvili, P., Emvalomatis, G., Jan, P. (2016). Environmental performance and shadow value of polluting on Swiss dairy farms. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(2), 225-246.
Mamardashvili, P., Bokusheva, R., Schmid, D. (2014). Heterogeneous farm output and technical efficiency estimates. German Journal of Agricultural Economics 63 (1): 16-30.
Mamardashvili, P., Schmid, D. (2013). Performance of Swiss dairy farms under provision of public goods. Agricultural Economics - AGRICECON 59: 300-314.

Work in progress
Velikova, N., Mamardashvili, P., Kvariani, L. (2016-). The role of grape and wine cooperatives for the rural development in Georgia.
Mamardashvili, P., Kochlamazashvli, I., Gelashvili, S., and Katia, I. (2015-). Effectiveness of agricultural input voucher program in Georgia.
Katsia I., Mamardashvili P. (2016-). Price Transmission on wheat flour market in Georgia.
Gelashvili, S. and Mamardashvili P. (2016-). Measuring food price volatility in Georgia.

Conference proceedings
Mamardashvili, P., Jan, P. (2014). Environmentally harmful by-products in efficiency analysis: An example of nitrogen surplus on Swiss dairy farms. Poster paper prepared for presentation at the EAAE 2014 Congress Agri-Food and Rural Innovations for Healthier Societies, August 26 to 29, 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Mamardashvili, P., Bokusheva, R. (2012). Technical efficiency of farms under multiple output technology. Poster presented at the 28th Triennial Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), August 18th -24th, 2012, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.
Mamardashvili, P., Bokusheva, R. (2011). Heterogeneous farm output and technical efficiency estimates. XII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, June 20-24, 2011, Verona, Italy.

Project reports
ISET Policy Institute (2016). Livestock farm-enterprise models in the Kakheti region. Current arrangements and options for (re-)gaining size and competitiveness (lead researcher and project manager). Study commissioned by the Swiss Cooperation Office South Caucasus (SCO).
ISET Policy Institute (2016). Assessing the food security data relevance and collection mechanisms in the South Caucasus (lead researcher). Study commissioned by OXFAM.
ISET Policy Institute (2016). Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of draft irrigation tariff methodology (agricultural expert). Study commissioned by USAID/Deloitte.
ISET Policy Institute (2015). Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on crop insurance reform in Georgia (lead researcher and project manager). Study commissioned by USAID/Deloitte.
ISET Policy Institute (2015). Assessment of the Georgian Agricultural Card Program (2015) (lead researcher). Study commissioned by the World Bank.
Gelashvili, S., Kochlamazashvili, I., Katsia, I., Mamardashvili, P. (2014). The role of family farming in the sustainable development of the agricultural sector and poverty reduction in Georgia. Study commissioned by the Swiss Cooperation Office South Caucasus (SCO) (lead researcher and project manager).
Kochlamazashvili, I., Sorg, L., Gonashvili, B., Chanturia, N., Mamardashvili, P. (2014). Value chain analysis of the Georgian sheep sector. Study prepared for the Heifer Project International (HPI) (lead researcher).
Peter, S., Bösch, I. und Mamardashvili, P. (2009). Auswirkungen eines allfälligen Freihandelsabkommens auf die Getreidebranche in der Schweiz. Studie zuhanden der Branchenorganisation Swiss Granum, Gruppe Agrar-, Lebensmittel und Umweltökonomie, ETH Zürich (in German).
Lehmann, B., Weber, M., El Benni, N., Mamardashvili, P., Tröger, K. and Bolliger, C. (2009). Wirkung veränderter Zollpräferenzen mit Entwicklungsländern auf den Schweizer Lebensmittelmarkt. Schlussbericht zuhanden des Schweizerischen Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft (SECO), Bern (in German).

Mamardashvili P. (2013). Measuring economic and environmental performance of Swiss dairy farms using stochastic frontier analysis. Diss. ETH NO. 21475. ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Doctoral thesis).
Mamardashvili P. (2013). Analysis of Swiss farms’ performance using different techniques for the estimation of the production technology. ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Referent: Prof. Dr. Werner Stahel (Diploma thesis for the advanced studies in statistics).
Mamardashvili P. (2008). Analyses of competitiveness of Georgian agricultural products on example of wine (in German). ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Referent: Prof. Dr. Bernard Lehmann (Master thesis).

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