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Florian Biermann is assistant professor at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) since 2011. Until 2005, he studied economics at the Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. After working for a year at the Institute of Mathematical Economics of Bielefeld University, in 2006 he moved to Jerusalem to pursue his Ph.D. degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he was supervised by Professors Eyal Winter and Bezalel Peleg (degree awarded in 2012).

His dissertation features a dynamic model of decentralized matching markets, a class of markets encompassing most labor markets, marriage markets, as well as markets for education. His model devises new ways how to manipulate the processes and outcomes of such markets. Florian is interested in game theory, mathematical economics, and applied statistics.




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1. 2014: Lead researcher of the project “Vocational training for job seekers in Georgia: Technical assistance for the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs”, commissioned by The World Bank (LINK).

2. 2013: Lead researcher of the report “Trade Relations of Georgia” (jointly with Lasha Labadze and Giorgi Mekerishvili), commissioned by the Business Association of Georgia (BAG)

3. Fiscal Imlications of Local Self-Government Reform In Georgia

4. Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs (MoLHSA) of Georgia on Imroving the Matching of Registered Unemployed to Training Programs

5. Knowledge Gaps and Structural Change in Georgian Agriculture

6. Leaders in Development

7. Education Policy Forum

8. Strengthening Entrepreneurial Training in Formal TVET System


1. Biermann, F. M., Naroditskiy, V., Polukarov, M., Nguyen, T.-D., Rogers, A. and Jennings N. R. (2014), “Task Assignment with Autonomous and Controlled Agents”, Mathematical Social Sciences 71, 116-121 (LINK). A video lecture of the presentation of this paper is available at Youtube (LINK).

2. Biermann, F. M. and Potente, S. (2011), “The Deployment of Conditional Probability Distributions for Death Time Estimation”, Forensic Science International 210, Issues 1-3, 82-86 (LINK)

3. Biermann, F. M. (A Measure to compare Matchings in Marriage Markets. This article was awarded the Jacques Nass Prize for Excellence in Political Economy Research of the Hebrew University (endowed with NIS 40000 / approx. $12000)

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