ISET would like to congratulate two of its resident faculty members, Karine Torosyan and Norberto Pignatti, and ISET-PI Senior Researcher Maka Chitanava, on the publication of their joint paper. Entitled “Toothless reforms? The remarkable stability of female labor force participation in a top-reforming country”, the article has recently been published on the IZA Discussion Papers Series, from the Institute of Labor Economics, Bonn (the IZA Discussion Paper Series is ranked 11th worldwide for economics by IDEAS/RePEc); and the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group Working Paper Series, one of the two Working Paper Series of the prestigious Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics (BFI), University of Chicago.

On Friday, March 31, Aleksi Aleksishvili, CEO and Chairman of the board of the Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG), awarded need-based scholarships to two first-year students – Mariam Tsulukidze and Zaza Barbakadze. As ISET is a premier graduate education and research institution in the South Caucasus, producing dozens of top-notch young economists every year, PMCG scholarship is a great investment not only in the human capital of Mariam and Zaza, but also in the future of Georgia and the South Caucasus generally.

After the scholarship award ceremony, Mr. Aleksishvili talked about the potential upcoming changes in Georgia’s constitution. He focused on two major topics: the Liberty Act and the Labor Rights, which are important parts of the constitution.

ISET is implementing a new training program, "Economics, Finance and Banking," with VTB Bank. The aim of the program is to introduce VTB Bank's employees to the major principles of economics, finance and banking.

The training program is now being conducted twice a week for 20 employees.

The ten-module training program is structured around the most important elements of economic understanding. The program covers how markets work in an open economy, how the exchange rate is formed, why we should worry about inflation, external disbalances, unemployment, what hinders economic growth, the benefits of free trade agreements, the role of the central bank, how monetary and fiscal tools work, etc. Each topic is based on real-life domestic examples that are the most pressing in Georgia.

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