The International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET, in Tbilisi, Georgia seeks to make one or more appointments at the ISET Policy Institute (, a leading economic policy think tank in the South Caucasus. Ideal candidates will have an advanced degree in economics, public policy or another related field from a reputable international university.

They shall have a record of minimum 2 to 3 years in policy research and consulting on topics relevant for economic development, such as, agriculture, migration, rural development, industrial policy, trade and regional integration, macroeconomic and financial policy, labor markets, education and social inclusion.

The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs organized the annual SITE Development Day conference, which is dedicated to discussing initiatives that can help create a more equal society and improve economic development.

SITE Development Day brought together distinguished academics, industry experts, gender and development economists, policy makers and guests interested in the topic. The conference speakers and panelists discussed how gender discrimination negatively impacts the productivity of low and middle-income economies, but also how reforms and specific initiatives can improve the situation. In addition, interesting historical perspectives were presented, discussing the origins of differences in gender norms.

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