On Thursday, April 2nd, Giorgi Bakradze, the Advisor in Economics Issues to the President of the National Bank of Georgia, gave a public lecture organized by ISET.  The main topic of his presentation was Formation of Exchange Rate that addressed currently occurred exchange rate changes. More than 400 students and other interested individuals attended the meeting.

Mr. Bakradze started his presentation by introducing the main concepts of economics such as what is exchange rate, well-known so called the Big Mac Index, what is a difference between fixed and floating exchange rate etc.

On Wednesday, April 1st, ISET hosted Dr.  Asger Moll Wingender from the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Wingender presented his paper “Irrigation and Autocracy” co-authored with Jeanet Sinding Bentzen and Nicolai Kaarsen.

The speaker began the presentation by introducing the topic of the paper – how autocracy and irrigation can be related to each other. The link between these two was noted first in 19th century by Adam Smith and Karl Marx and was widely talked over in Karl Wittfogel’s work “Oriental Despotism”.

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