By Giorgi Bregadze

From a statistical point of view, he tourism industry in Georgia in 2013 can be characterized as a period of further growth. In 2013, the number of international arrivals grew by 22%, overstepping the five million mark for the first time. The five-millionth international visitor was even awarded a prize to stress the importance of the event. The high growth rate in tourism was also highlighted by international organizations. According to the World Tourism Organization's report, "UNWTO World Tourism Barometer" (December, 2013), the increase in the number of international arrivals in Georgia was rated as the highest in Europe in 2013.

Have you ever had a conflict? A business conflict? How did you try to resolve it? Have you ever tried to use mediation?

On November 4, ISET hosted Dr. Tariel Sikharulidze, visiting professor of ESSEC Business School Paris Singapore, Associate Professor of Ilia State University and Black Sea University, who presented a topic titled Mediation as an Alternative Tool of Conflict Resolution. Sikharulidze explained the role of mediation in solving conflicts such as B2B conflicts, family conflicts, divorce, medical and tax disputes, and provided some real world examples from Georgian as well as Western experience.

During the presentation, Sikharulidze talked about effectiveness and other advantages of mediation compared to other conflict resolution tools.

ISET Policy Institute was contracted by UNICEF to revise the Needs Index and upgrade it to reflect current reality. Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia, the Social Service Agency and UNICEF are in the process of refining the social service protection system in Georgia to make it more child sensitive.

The current system uses sophisticated methodology of calculating the score of the household which applies for the assistance to the socially Unprotected Families. One of the most important elements in the methodology is Needs Index which translates needs of different families into monetary value.

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