On October 10, 2017, Professor Hans Wiesmeth challenged ISET BA students to think about possible solutions to environmental issues, more specifically, how the country can deal with beverage packaging, which is a global environmental issue, with 1 billion plastic bottles produced each day (more than ten thousand every second). Only about 10% of these bottles are currently recovered and recycled.

Professor Wiesmeth presented his joint work in cooperation with N. Shavgulidze and N. Tevzadze (CENN), and Levan Pavlenishvili (ISET), which was entitled “Drinks Packaging in Georgia: Design of an Integrated Environmental Policy.” Professor Wiesmeth reviewed the current situation in Georgia, where there isn’t any separate collection or recycling of drinks containers, where the most waste packaging is taken to landfills, creating health concerns regarding plastics (some 30,000 tons), and refillable drinks containers are (almost) non-existent.

ISET Professor Norberto Pignatti recently attended the international IZA/Volkswagen Foundation Workshop: Preferences, Personality Traits and the Labor Market, held in Bertinoro (Italy) on the 6th and 7th of October. Professor Pignatti was invited to present his research about the role of risk-preferences in labor market choices in the Georgian labor market. The evidence discussed in the paper was collected based on during the implementation of the project (sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation) Informality in the Georgian labor market.

Topics of papers presented at the workshop included:

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