The Agricultural Policy Research Center (APRC) of the ISET Policy Institute has launched a new monthly analytical publication – the Agri Review. The goal of the publication is to summarize the major economic developments in the agricultural sector and provide a brief analysis of major economic indicators.

The publication presents the main economic figures of Georgia’s agricultural sector and consists of four sections:

1. Sector at a glance featuring production, employment and FDI in the agricultural sector;

2. Price highlights looking at domestic and international prices;

3. Trade highlights describing share of agricultural exports and imports in total exports and imports as well as export and import diversification indexes;

ISET would like to congratulate two of its resident faculty members, Karine Torosyan and Norberto Pignatti, together with our visiting faculty member Maksym Obrizan, on the publication of their new joint paper “Job market outcomes of IDPs: the case of Georgia”, in the IZA Discussion Paper Series from the the Institute of Labor Economics, Bonn (the series is ranked 6th worldwide for economics by IDEAS/RePEc). The paper was also published as Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group (HCEO) Working Paper (the HCEO working paper series is one of the two Working Paper Series of the prestigious Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics (BFI), University of Chicago).

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