Yasya Babych of the MPRC was a guest speaker at an annual think-tank conference in Kyiv, Ukraine organized by the International Renaissance Foundation and the Embassy of Sweden. She shared the experience of ISET-PI as the first university-based economic policy think tank in the South Caucasus. The model of university-based analytical policy centers is relatively new in her native Ukraine, and the majority of the participants were eager to find out how this model works in Georgia, and about the advantages and the unique challenges it faces.

The workshops and group discussions also focused on the future of think-tanks as non-political research and advocacy centers in a country undergoing institutional transformation; on the fine lines between politics and policy (although these two concepts are described by the same word in the Ukrainian language); and on the state-of-the-art digital tools that can help broadcast policy research messages effectively.

With EU financial and technical assistance, as well as training and education on cooperation and agribusiness, small farmers in Georgia are benefitting from economies of scale, cutting their production costs and increasing efficiency.
On November 30 and December 1 2017 in Tbilisi, at a joint closure event the four partners implementing the EU’s ENPARD’s small farmers’ cooperation component – Care, Mercy Corps, Oxfam and People in Need – presented the results of their four-year work in support of EU-funded agricultural cooperatives in Georgia.

The two-day event included the Policy and Strategy Panel Discussions on the first day, and Plenary Presentations and Cooperatives Gallery on the second.

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