As a key-finding in this year’s EPI-scoring, air quality keeps deteriorating human health in such a manner that it is considered as “…the leading environmental threat to public health” (EPI, 2018). The exposure of pollution and its particles from e.g. heavy traffic is a contributing factor. In Sweden, the transporting sector constitutes for 1/3 of the total CO2 emissions. In an attempt to curb its emissions and reach the goal of fossil-fuel free roads, the Swedish Transport Administration and eRoadArlanda teamed up and developed the world’s first electrified, 2 km long, public road outside the capital.

The electric truck or car runs on the rails, connected to a power grid, and as it moves transformation of energy is made from the rails to the vehicle. Practically this means that an arm locates where the vehicle moves and connects with it and thus the vehicle also gets charged at the same time.

ISET is accepting applications for the fourth module of the ISET Executive Leadership Program 2018 that starts on May 3, 2018.

Designed for marketing executives and managers, the Marketing & Communications module of the Executive Leadership program delivers strategic tools for approaching marketing as a value creation process. Module will allow participants discover how to create competitive, integrated marketing plans that will enable them to take the right products and services to market more profitably. They will be able to learn about new digital techniques and the evolution of marketing as a data-driven science. In parallel, they will have an opportunity to explore the communication skills needed for leadership and management at a large scale.

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