On November 15th, the Deputy Head of the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center, Levan Pavlenishvili, participated in the panel of the “Energy Politics in the South Caucasus: Experiences, Visions, and Challenges” conference. The event was organized by Heinrich Böll Foudnation South Caucasus, and concerned the ongoing situation and current challenges in the energy sector of the South Caucasus. The panelists represented different governmental, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The conference included three panel sessions:

● Energy Sector in South Caucasus Countries: Trends and Challenges

● Costs and Prospects of Energy Efficiency and Renewable & Energy Saving Technologies in the South Caucasus

● Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Current Energy Systems in the South Caucasus

Levan Pavlenishvili was a member of the “Costs and Prospects of Energy Efficiency and Renewable & Energy Saving Technologies in the South Caucasus” panel, wherein he discussed the current situation of Georgia in terms of energy efficiency and renewables. Levan brought some basic statistics for discussion and showed his own assessments of the costs of solar energy as one of the growing renewable sources. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

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