ISET would like to congratulate resident faculty member Norberto Pignatti on the publication of a new paper (together with Hartmut Lehmann of the University of Bologna) entitled “Informal Employment Relationships and the Labor Market: Is there Segmentation in Ukraine?”, in the IZA Discussion Paper Series, from the Institute of Labor Economics, Bonn (the series is ranked 6th worldwide for economics by IDEAS/RePEc).

The authors investigated whether the Ukrainian labor market is segmented along a formal-informal divide, slicing the data by gender and age. Using information from the Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, covering the period of 2003-2007, they tested alternative hypotheses about the functioning of the Ukrainian labor market and the role of informal employment. They concluded that for a large number of informal employees, informal employment is used as a waiting stage to enter formal salaried employment and is not voluntarily chosen, potentially implying a loss of well-being associated with labor market segmentation. This is not true, however, as far as self-employment is concerned.

ISET is proud that Professor Pignatti has authored yet another international paper, and wishes him every success in the publication process.

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