Representatives of ISET and the ISET Policy Institute visited JSC Georgian Greenhouse Corporation (hereinafter, Planta), the largest greenhouse in Georgia, within their remit to introduce second-year MA students to the practical side of their agriculture-related studies at ISET. Planta is one of the Georgian Co-Investment Fund’s projects located in the Gardabani municipality of the Kvemo Kartli region. Work began on Planta in 2014, with the Richel Group – a leading French greenhouse company – selecting Gardabani especially, as it has one of the highest amount of sun isolation in Georgia and also for its near location with Tbilisi.

Currently, the greenhouse covers 12 hectares of land to produce cucumbers and tomatoes. Vegetables from the greenhouse are sold at local markets and it are also exported. The greenhouse is equipped with modern technology, and the total amount invested in the project stands at 25 million USD. They employ around 180 workers, mostly locals.

The purpose of the visit was to learn more about Planta’s successful activities and understand how its success could be replicated in other contexts in Georgia. ISET students and PI researchers were briefed on the challenges and opportunities of the Planta project, and were also informed of the investors’ future plans.

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