The International School of Economics at TSU (ISET) is seeking a PR Officer.

Dimension and Scope

• Promotes the organizational image

• Ensures increased visibility

• Initiates and maintains all communications with various publics and media

Reports To

Head of External Affairs

‘There are two types of people’ is the common opening for a number of jokes and idioms, but as research carried out by ISET alumnus Ala Avoyan (now of the University of Indiana) shows, there is some truth to this old adage.

Two different types of character were revealed over the course of study, which investigated ‘history dependent stopping’ factors in scenarios without any financial components. Using hundreds of chess games, Ala discovered that repeated losses or victories are indicators of whether a participant will continue to play; enjoyment from the next game, therefore, is derived from the result of the match preceding it. The incentive to stop or not is the variable which differentiates the two types.

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