ISET-PI’s senior researcher Nino Doghonadze visited talk show “Professionals” at Radio Commersant. The show features the host Irakli Makalatia, his guests: expert in Economics, Nodar Kapanadze, and Nino Doghonadze. The subject of the discussion was unemployment and its socio-economic consequences.
Nino spoke about the validity and reliability of Georgia’s labor market statistics. Additionally, the senior researcher commented on the fact that integrated household survey of 2014 was not yet adjusted for population census results and consequently, its sampling frame was outdated. Hence, it is possible that it led to some misleading results. Nino also commented on the recent decline of unemployment rate to 12.4% as well as its potential objective and technical reasons. Last, but not least, Nino spoke about the fact that despite decline in the unemployment rate, when benchmarking against other countries, Georgia’s unemployment is still very high, as well as its self-employment rate. These facts, in turn, do not let us be satisfied with the recent development in the labor market.

Watch the video from Radio Commersant to learn more.



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