Nobel-winning economist James Heckman proclaimed that “the data speaks for itself” after he carried out an experiment known as the 'Perry pre-School Project' and discovered that investing in high-quality preschool education brings returns of around 14 percent – a rate of return that is much higher than standard returns on stock market equity (7.2 percent).

Acknowledging the huge importance of pre-school education in human capital formation (as well as in shaping individuals’ moral views and their social preferences), ISET, in collaboration with UNICEF and the World Bank, organized a dialogue on “Early and pre-School Education: Current Challenges and the Way Forward” as part of the Education Policy Forum (EPF). The dialogue took place on May 10 in the ISET conference hall.

The SCMI Secretariat continues developing information and analytical documents in the field of migration aimed at highlighting tendencies and development perspectives based on relevant data collected.

One of such documents is Georgian Migration Profile 2015 based on which a Brief Migration Profile focused on remittances was developed last year. The next BMP that has been finished recently is focused on studying impact of foreign students on Georgian economy.

Both documents were presented at International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) on 24 April 2017, and followed by the thematic discussions with participation of the representatives of the state agencies, academic sector, civil society and ISET students all being in attendance.

The Human Development Index is the measure of a country’s development widely used around the world. It is a composite of the measures covering different aspects of human life, used to compare different countries. The annual report on Regional Human Development for 2016 in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia has been recently published, covering a wide variety of topics such as the labor market, gender gaps, health, sustainable human development, and matters of inclusive governance. Inequality and human development in Georgia and the region was the topic of discussion at a workshop organized by the local office of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and hosted by ISET on April 11th.

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