On February 25, 2014, ISET hosted Dr. Sergei Izmalkov of the Moscow New Economic School. Dr. Izmalkov, who works with the most popular Russian search engine, Yandex, presented a paper he coauthored with Dmitry Arkhanglesky, Dilyara Khakimova and Sergey Lyashenko, titled: “On evaluation of click through rates and conversion rates of different positions in sponsored search auctions”.

At the beginning of his presentation Dr. Izmalkov introduced the problem of advertisement allocation. Using the examples of the most popular search engines, he explained how advertisements are generally distributed and how the payment for those is defined. Payment is proportional to the number of clicks a link gets, through the search results that the advertisement will appear on is decided by auction.

On December 12, Dr. Azar Abizade of the School of Business at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy held a seminar at ISET about flight rescheduling problems and the incentives for airlines to report their preferences. Research into this problem was conducted according to mechanism design and matching theory.

Airports schedule landing slots far in advance of their actual execution, but sometimes due to bad weather or other extreme conditions the schedule becomes inefficient or unfeasible. Some flights are canceled and some are delayed. The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) aim is to implement a mechanism which will automatically reassign slots to flights based on the information reported by the airlines.

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