On November 8-9, the ENPARD team at ISET-PI participated in the 'Interagency Conference about Three Years of Implementation of ENPARD - Cooperative Development Component'. The conference was organized by one of the ENPARD implementer consortium led by People in Need, a non-governmental organization, at Akaki Tsereteli State University in Kutaisi.

Among the participants were representatives from the EU delegation, ENPARD implementer organizations, Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency, and cooperative members. The lessons learned of the past three years were presented by the participants, with discussions to shape future plans and recommendations for the better development of cooperatives following afterwards.

On November 7, ISET hosted Professor Rögnvaldur Hannesson of the Norwegian School of Economics, who gave a presentation entitled ‘Tradable Fish Quotas and Return on Capital in Norwegian Fisheries’.

Dr. Hannesson started by defining a key problem facing the Norwegian fishing industry. Water basins are generally considered to be common property, as well as the fish inside them, and so fishermen consider water basins as an unlimited resource for their profit. However, this problem usually leads to a situation wherein fishermen use more effort to catch a fish than the revenue returns their work brings. Dr. Hannesson explained that there are two ways to solve the problem: the introduction of taxation or quotas. Dr. Hannesson used data from the Norwegian fishing industry to check whether the introduction of quotas does indeed help to solve the problem of overfishing and to increase return on capital in this industry.

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