On 14 July 2017, ENPARD implementing organisation CARE and its partner ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI), in cooperation with other ENPARD implementing partners (Oxfam, Mercy Corps, People in Need and UNDP Adjara) presented the results of ENPARD Cooperatives Survey, which assesses the performance of EU-supported cooperatives for the period 2014-2016.

The results are based on the data collected by four ENPARD implementer consortia (led by CARE, Oxfam, Mercy Corps and People in Need) and UNDP Adjara, and analysed by ISET-PI. The fruitful cooperation among the ENPARD implementers is allowing this research and its public presentation.

On June 22 2017, the Agricultural Policy Research Center (APRC) of the ISET Policy Institute organized a meeting with former Agricultural Concentration students. As is well-known, the APRC was established at the ISET Policy Institute in July 2014 with a three-year grant from USAID to enhance synergy between policy research, professional training, and teaching activities, capitalizing on the institutional strengths of ISET and ISET-PI. The APRC functions in conjunction with the Agricultural Economics Concentration in the ISET MA program. The purpose of the concentration is to educate the next generation of policy leaders in Georgia who understand the complexities, challenges and tradeoffs behind policy decisions in the agricultural sector.

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