On March 13 2015, ISET organized an agricultural trip to Chirina Ltd. located in the village of Martkopi and Animal Feed Producing Enterprise located in the village of Tsintskaro. ISET particularly organized this visit for the members of ISET faculty and graduate students from agricultural concentration to help them get familiar with the work of local Georgian Agricultural Enterprises.

ISETers first visited Chirina Ltd. in Martkopi, observed the facilities and the production process of the enterprise. Ms. Keti Vashakidze, the head of Department for Quality Management and Organizational Structure Development familiarized the guests with the history of the company, its achievements, mission and the process of production.

On Friday, February 13, 2015 a debate on a new law on agricultural land ownership was held at Expo Georgia. The debate was organized by USAID’s G4G project and ISET. The debate’s panel comprised government officials, experts, foreign investors and businesses, and the event was moderated by Eric Livny, Director of the International School of Economics. The panel convened to explore issues surrounding foreign ownership of agricultural land in Georgia.

In 2013, the Georgian government imposed a temporary moratorium on the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners.

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