On Saturday, June 6th, APRC has organized agriculture site visit to FRIXX, potato chips producing enterprise, and Lisi Lake Greenhouse producing organic products.
FRIXX is the first world class potato chips produced in Georgia. It offers consumers three flavors of chips and targets not only Georgia, but its neighboring countries as well. The founder and director of FRIXX, Jean-Frederic Paulsen and technical director Wlodzimierz Lepczynski personally hosted ISET students. During the site visit students had an opportunity to see the factory infrastructure, ask questions about the production process and try Georgian chips. Students were especially curious about the potato supply chain, distribution markets for chips, marketing and branding.

On Friday, June 5th ISET hosted Loredana Sorg, Mercator Fellow of International Affairs, who gave a presentation titled "The Georgian Hazelnut Value Chain and the Potential of Cooperatives". The objective of the study was to understand how and at which level value is added, to identify critical elements for a competitive hazelnut production in Georgia and to reflect the potential of cooperatives for the development of the value chain and in particular for organic fair-trade hazelnuts.
According to the study Georgian hazelnut sector has gained both national and international attention over the last years. Different private, public and non-governmental actors have started initiatives to upgrade the Georgian hazelnut value chain for export or development goals. This talk summarized the particularities of the Georgian hazelnut value chain and findings from discussions with ETH students at a workshop at FAO in April, 2015.

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