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Borrow in Dollar or Lari? That Is the Question!

The Georgian lari’s depreciation against the dollar has been a pressing issue for everyone: economists and policymakers, students, housewives and even the good-for-nothing “birzhavik’s”. The weaker lari may be good news for Georgia’s export competitiveness and trade balance, yet it also pushes up the prices of anything we import. This may include some luxury items we can do without, but also many things that are absolutely essential for the Georgian economy: primary commodities, production inputs and machinery, foodstuffs and medicines. And by raising th...
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Guest — StephanvonCramonUniversityofGttingenandGermanEconomicTeamGETinGeorgia
Interesting, thank you. However, perhaps it should be stated very clearly: if you earn your income in lari, borrowing in dollars m... Read More
Sunday, 25 October 2015 8:08 PM
Eric Livny
Yes, I agree with Stephan that borrowing in foreign currency is ultimately a gamble.But agree with Giorgi that this may be a gambl... Read More
Monday, 26 October 2015 9:09 AM
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