Energy Review Q3 2014

Electricity: The first three quarters of 2014 have been successful for the sector, both in terms of adding new generation capacity to the system and starting new projects. On the other hand, some challenges concerning security of supply became apparent in the third quarter. So far, 2014 is being very active in terms of commissioning new generation capacity. Several important hydropower projects have been completed including: 87MW Paravani HPP, 19MW Larsi HPP and 8MW Aragvi HPP. 

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Energy Review 2013


In this report we will review and analyse the main trends and developments characterizing the electricity sector of Georgia in 2013. In particular, we will discuss the patterns of electricity generation and use, look at the potential contribution of the Georgian energy sector to the competitiveness of Georgian companies according to a number of global indexes, and present the main events that had been taking place during 2013 that we believe will affect the evolution of the energy sector. 

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