Since March 2017, the CCI has shown a positive trend. It yielded 9.1 increase from March 2017 (-31) to May 2017 (-21.9), expressing the optimistic perceptions of Georgians during these months. However, the CCI did not maintain this upward trend in June. Overall, in June the CCI went down by 3.2 points compared to May 2017 (from -21.9 to -25.1). Present Situation and Expectations Indices were also affected negatively in June 2017. Moreover, the former went down by more - 4 points (from -29.4 to -33.4) than the latter, which dropped 2.6 points, (from -14.3 to -16.9). Thus, Georgians are less pessimistic about the future than the present.

In May 2017, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) sustains its upward trend, increasing by 3.6 points compared to April (moving from -25.6 to -21.9). Its first component, the Present Situation Index, rises by 3.4 points (from -32.8 to -29.4), and it second component, the Expectations Index, goes up by 4.2 points (from -18.5 to -14.3).

In April, the CCI went up by 5.4 points (from -31 to -25.6). We believe that two factors stimulate the raised consumption mood of Georgians: firstly, the new opportunity to travel visa-free to the countries of the European Union; secondly, the stabilization of the lari exchange rate.

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