For four consecutive months since February 2015, the Georgian Consumer Confidence Index remains stagnant some 22-25 points below its level in 2014. In May 2015, the CCI stood at -35.1 points, exactly equal to its value a month ago.

After five months of consecutive decline, the consumer confidence index has finally increased – albeit only slightly. Although the insignificant (0.9 point) increase of the CCI can be classified as a stabilization of the index at the low point of the previous month, looking at the structure from different dimensions still offers insights into changes in consumers’ concerns over the month.

After the sharp fall of consumer confidence that started from November 2014, the index showed only a comparably slight decrease in March. This might be a sign of the CCI’s stabilization at a low level. The present situation index decreased, albeit less than in the past several months, while the expectations index improved – primarily because of higher economic growth in February.

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